If you are like most aspiring business owners, you’ve likely spent a great deal of time absorbing information through search engines like Google or by speaking with experienced business owners. Across all platforms, there is no shortage of tips and tricks to inspire and support your next business venture.

Brooks Wells, a Nebraska-based entrepreneur and the CEO of Major League Lawn Care believes that there is no secret success formula when it comes to starting a new business project. He says that, when it comes to deciding which business advice you should follow, you need to be able to remain objective and train yourself to think in new ways. Below you will find Brooks’ list of tips for starting a local business.

1. Break Through Excuses

Many people dream of starting their own business but then give up before they get their feet off the ground. Forbes explains that budding entrepreneurs often get in their own way when developing their business project, making up excuses for why they can’t succeed. A negative mindset is an easy way to become discouraged and ultimately give up on your project. Instead of fo2cussing on what you can’t do, focus instead on what you can do to challenges these obstacles.

2. Be A Problem Solver

When starting a business, you need to keep potential consumers in mind. Instead of molding your business plan around a specific product or company name, first, establish the demand that your product will aim to satisfy. Brooks Wells says a business owner will find it far easier to grow a loyal consumer base when their business is built around solving a real problem. Ideally, your company should fill a gap in a specific niche or market sector.

3. Establish A Budget

While it is the goal of a business to generate revenue, they do require an initial investment. Bearing this in mind, it is important to decide on your budget ahead of time. According to Brooks Wells, it is imperative to be realistic when setting this budget, taking anticipated setbacks into account. This must be done so that you can ensure your new business maintains its momentum despite any surprise obstacles you may face.

4. Realize The Power Of Digital Marketing:

In today’s digital climate, it is imperative that your business maintains activity on social platforms in order to be noticed. This is still an important practice to have in the early stages in order to generate consumer interest before you are fully established. Digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be overly promotional; in fact, straightforward and fun posts will likely generate more interest than spam advertising.

If a company continually posts its logo or obvious promotional content, it won’t seem genuine and will instead come across as a money grab. Business know-how advises budding businesses to look at the platforms your potential client base uses the most and then aim your efforts toward those sites. Responding to customer comments in real-time is another way to connect to your audience and address questions and suggestions. By engaging with your consumers, they feel more involved; therefore, they are more likely to invest in your product.

5. Network

Similar to digital marketing, networking with other business professionals through platforms such as LinkedIn can do wonders for your business. By connecting with established professionals, you can learn from their experiences. From there, these connections can further link you to other professionals that might have further insight.

Brooks Wells credits LinkedIn as a very helpful tool when starting a new business as it is used worldwide by all different types of entrepreneurs, from bank owners to independent web developers. As it is a multinational professional site, it is also a great place for you to promote your business.

While starting a business is an exciting endeavor, it is important to be proactive and realistic during the process. If you don’t plan appropriately or conduct proper maintenance, your efforts will likely be futile. Adopting these tips provided by successful CEO Brooks Wells will set your new business up for success.