Pregnancy brings in a lot of joy along with some forms of physical debility. Back pain is among the most prominent types of debility that pregnant women face during pregnancy. Such backaches during pregnancy can start before conception and can have varying intensity. If you experience such back pain during your first pregnancy, chances are you are predisposed to experiencing it in subsequent pregnancies. The good news is that it can be treated with spine therapy during the course of your pregnancy. 

Backache during pregnancy can vary widely in terms of intensity and type of pain. There may also be some additional symptoms that may accompany such gestational back pain. The common symptoms accompanying a back ache during pregnancy include:

  • A dull & persistent ache in the lower back
  • Pain that radiates from the lower back into the buttocks which is generally caused by lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Pain that occurs near your pelvis and feels like it is deep within your lower back (also known as posterior pelvic pain)
  • Tingling or numbness that moves from the lower back and down one or both legs (sciatica)

You may experience a combination of these symptoms in your back during pregnancy. But have you wondered what the reason for such back pain could be? Hormonal changes during pregnancy alter a lot of physical functions within a pregnant woman. It is the main cause of back pain in a pregnant woman. The hormone “Relaxin” is secreted in high amounts, which loosens the pelvic area and prepares the body for childbirth. However, this hormone also loosens up the ligaments in the spine, leading to spinal instability and causing back pain. There are other causes associated with back ache during pregnancy, including:

  • Posture changes due to a shift in the centre of gravity
  • Excessive weight gain will increase the stress on the back muscles
  • Psychological stress can result in the tightening of back muscles and lead to back pain

Now, when it comes to treating back pain in pregnant women, healthcare providers have to be cautious of the health and well-being of both the mother and child. Medications may be avoided to prevent posing any harm to the baby. QI Spine Clinic specialises in providing exceptional spine care treatments and specialised care for pregnant women. Our holistic approach towards personalised treatment protocols ensures that your back pain symptoms are alleviated, keeping in mind the well-being and comfort of both mother and child. Our spine doctors advocate non-pharmacological pain management techniques that don’t involve invasive treatments or medicine use. 

To ensure pain relief without causing any harm to your unborn baby, we provide thermotherapy treatment, which is a simple yet effective treatment for back ache during pregnancy. It is a safe treatment for pregnant women who are seeking back pain relief. Additionally, at QI Spine Clinic, our spine doctors also partake in patient education, focusing on suggesting postural changes and corrective measures to reduce the stress on your back and spine. Our patients are also assisted by physiotherapy experts who help them learn medical movements that target core strengthening and improve spine alignment. This will help to reduce backache during pregnancy and prevent further recurrence in subsequent pregnancies. 

If you have been suffering from back pain problems during the pregnancy period, you shouldn’t delay seeking medical attention. Consult our best spine specialists at QI Spine Clinic to find proven and highly effective measures to relieve back pain.