Facebook might not be a video platform in the same way that TikTok and other video platforms are trying to be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless great videos shared across Facebook every day. But what is the process for downloading these gorgeous Facebook videos to your computer? If this is a question that has arisen in your mind, you have come to the proper spot. 

Facebook is definitely one of the most engaging and exciting online platforms. So, it’s a really sad fact that you can’t download the videos you see there. So, what if you like some videos and want to download Facebook video to computer? This article has a handpicked list of top Facebook video downloader methods with popular features, pros, cons, and key specs. So, if you want a suitable method, continue reading the blog further!

Finding the best method to download Facebook videos on a PC

What if you need to download someone’s Facebook video so you can watch it later or share it with your friends? For both reasons (and more) you might wonder how to download Facebook videos for free. As we know, Facebook’s giant restrictions do not allow its users to download Facebook videos directly from its platform. Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can download Facebook videos to your computer. Here are those methods and let’s review them! 

  1. Download via the Chrome Extension method
  2. Download via the Inspect Element feature option
  3. Download via online downloaders 

Download via the Chrome Extension method

This is the prime way to download Facebook videos on your computer with easy manners. And it is a great method for both beginners and experts. Because it is one of the friendliest methods for all die-hard Facebook fans. So, try the Chrome Extension method and start downloading Facebook videos. Easy, isn’t it?


  • Does not require any app or software
  • The easiest method to download Twitter videos on laptops
  • You can watch videos offline
  • Suitable for newbies 


  • Only available for PC devices
  • This method does not suitable for mobile users 
  • Need a powerful internet connection to load videos

Download via the Inspect Element feature option

It sound may complicated but it will be a very easy method for you. If you are a tech-savvy person, surely you may have heard about this method. However, the Inspect Element feature is only suitable for PC users. So, this is a free Facebook video saver to download Facebook videos to your PC without any app or installation. To get more info, you can search for this method on Google.


  • It allows you to download Facebook videos to your PC easily
  • It does not require any installation or app 


  • Not available for mobiles 
  • A bit complex method

Download via online downloaders 

The simplest and quickest way to download Facebook videos is through a better online downloader. Here are some recommendations of tools to achieve this on each platform.

FB Down

This is a well-known and trusted Facebook video downloader for PC and Mac users. All it needs is a browser on a connected device and you’re good to go. 


  • Provides multiple video quality options
  • Audio fix tool 


  • Does not work with all Facebook video links always
  • You may need to try it two or three times 


This is another great Facebook video downloader that is completely free to use. But the only downside is that it does not support mobile browsers very well. But if you’re a PC user, you can use this properly. 


  • Flexible download choices
  • Works well with any size video except very large ones, which take a short time to process


  • Does not work well on mobile browsers 


Top pick for this list of the top Facebook video downloaders, FDownloader is designed to execute many tasks such as downloading images and videos in HD, high-quality videos, images, and more. And if you expect to download Facebook video to computer with the latest feature package, FDownloader is the best selection! 


  • Completely free to use
  • Open-source and work with any device platform
  • Work with any web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, etc
  • This is a very user-friendly and easy-to-handle tool
  • You can convert videos into MP3 and MP4 formats
  • Fastest downloading experience
  • You can download Facebook live videos and GIFs too
  • Don’t need any special technical skill
  • Completely free from security threats 
  • It does not destroy the original resolution and quality of the videos
  • You can download private videos from personal accounts
  • User privacy is 100%. And it never asks you to log in or sign up 
  • With a single click, you can save Facebook videos for free
  • Completely free Facebook video downloader forever
  • It allows you to download Facebook videos with high-definition quality
  • This is a web-based tool; doesn’t need any special installations
  • It never asks for your signup or login details to use the tool
  • Very smooth UI


No cons to show

We can see thousands plus online downloaders in the online market. Among them, I can recommend FDownloader for Facebook users to get an unlimited and safe video downloading experience! So I would like to show a simple step guide to follow this tool.

Simple step guide to use FDownloader 

  1. Go to Facebook and select the video
  2. Copy the URL of the video
  3. Now, go to the FDownloader from the browser and paste the copied video URL link into the input box
  4. Click on the “Download” icon
  5. After a few seconds, your file will download automatically
  6. Click the right option and continue with the download


So there you have it. There are many ways to download your favorite Facebook videos. If you do some deep research, I’m sure you will find even more methods to download Facebook video to computer that didn’t make my list. But among all these methods I recommend FDownloader for Facebook fans. Because it is the best Facebook video downloader that comes with advanced features. 

The key is to find the most suitable tool that is compatible with your needs. So, try FDownloader and give us feedback on it!